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Patformer is a game where you need to evade obstacles while main hero is moving towards the exit.Make the path clear to him by swapping from hero to hero,change gravity laws in your advantage and be fast and accurate in order to lead your hero to the goal.

Patformer in total has:

30 levels

Continuous soundtrack

Fun and fast gameplay

Normal,X2 and X4 maps which differs gameplay from each other

Realistic physics system

Swapable characters and many more...

How to play:

Use mouse(left click)for UI

Use keyboard for Gameplay

Arrow UP for JUMP(can be done 3 times in air total)

Arrow DOWN to become smaller for slide(hold arrow DOWN to slide,once released player is back to normal size)

SPACE button for stop block(creates stop block that you can use to block player position for 1 second and jump over the block)

Also block can be created in air and jumped over with.

W-green-Swappable background and manipulating hero gravity physics

S-blue-Swappable background and manipulating hero gravity physics

D-yellow-Swappable background and manipulating hero gravity physics

A-pink-Swappable background and manipulating hero gravity physics

Normal gameplay-Evade enemies and get to coin in order to complete the levels.You can do jump,air jump slide and stop block.

X2-Two heroes are on the map with 2 separate paths.While both of them move at the same time,use stop block to slow down hero when needed,jump to evade obstacles and WASD to swap backgronds in order to change hero controls and its physics.

X4-4 heroes are on the map.Main goal is to manipulate gravity properly in order to lead 1 of 4 heroes to his goal while staying alive with other 3 heroes.

Tutorials are built in gameplay itself and also there is special interface in in-game menu that you can visit which simplify the things up.

Easiest way is offcourse to play

Have fun ;)


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PatformerWin(x86 and x86_64)NativeVersion 83 MB
PatformerUbuntu16.04(x86_64)NativeVersion 83 MB
PatformerGNU&linux(x86_64)NativeVersion 83 MB
Patformer (HTML5-fullscreen)NoAds Version 35 MB
Patformer (HTML5-480x800)NoAds Version 35 MB
Patformer (Adobe Flash Player-480x800)NoAds Version 34 MB

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